Dr. Yeoh Kar Kheng







    1. DPhil. (University of Oxford, UK)

    2. BSc, MSc (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia)






    Research Skills



    1. Chemical Organic Synthesis, Mass Spectrometry, Spectrocopy, Chromatography, Extraction of Natural Products, Protein Analysis, Western Blot, Polymerase Chain Reactions.







    1. Chemical Biology (e.g. Hypoxia Inducible Factor (HIF), HIF Proly and Asparaginyl Hydroxylases)

    2. Drug design and synthesis of small-molecule inhibitors.

    3. Natural product chemistry.

    4. Organic Chemistry








    1. Developing of human Hypoxia Inducible Factor (HIF) hydroxylase inhibitors

    2. Developing of Hypoxia Inducible Factor inhibitors

    3. Natural product isolation and purification.










    Period Grant Amount Title


     RUI  RM219,803.00  Synthesis And Evaluation Of Dihydroxybenzoic Acid Analouges As Potential Hypoxia Inducibe Factor (HIF) Prolyl Hydroxylase Inhibitors










    1. Yeoh Kar Kheng. “Intermolecular Photoreactions and Selectivity Studies in Confined Space of Y Zeolites”, MSc thesis (2002), University Teknologi Malaysia, Skudai.

    2. Kar Kheng Yeoh. “Studies on the Inhibition of Human Hypoxia Inducible Factor (HIF) Hydroxylases”, DPhil thesis (2012), University of Oxford, United








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    Abstract/ Poster Presentation at International Conferences


    1. Yeoh, K. K., Chan, M. C., Thalhammer, A. Demetriades, M. Mecinović, M. Schofield, C. J. “ Dual Action HIF Prolyl Hydroxylase Inhibitors That Induces Binding of Second Iron Ion”. Drug Discovery & Therapy World Congress 2013, June 3rd-6th 2013, Boston, USA.

    2. Yeoh, K. K., Tian, Y-M., Ratcliffe, P. J, Schofield, C. J. “ Differential Sensitivities of HIF Proyl and Asparaginyl Hydroxylation to Chemical Inhibition in Cells”. Drug Discovery & Therapy World Congress 2013, June 3rd-6th 2013, Boston, USA.

    3. Tan, S. C., Carr, C. A. Yeoh, K. K. et al. “Preconditioning Cardiosphere-Derived Cells (CDC) by Hypoxia and Prolyl Hydroxylase Inhibitors (PHI) to Induce HIF-Related Metabolic Changes and C-Kit Expression”. Basic Cardiovascular Sciences 2011 Scientific Sessions, July 18th-21st 2011, New Orleans, LA, USA.

    4. Yeoh, K. K., Tian, Y-M., Schofield, C. J., and Ratcliffe, P. J. “Differential HIF Hydroxylation Sites to Hydroxylase Inhibitors”. Davos Hypoxia Meeting, January 8th-12th 2011, Davos, Switzerland.

    5. Yeoh, K. K., Flashman, E., and Schofield, C. J. “New Methods for the Functional Assignment of 2-OG oxygenases”. Pfizer Poster Competition 2010, Department of Chemistry, University of Oxford.

    6. Leung, I. K. H., Flashman, E., Yeoh, K. K. Schofiled, C. J., and Claridge, T. D. W. “Solvent Relaxation As a Tool to Screen Small Molecule-Metalloprotein Interactions – A Case Study Using Human Proyl Hydroxylase Domain 2”. Small Molecule NMR Conference, September 20th-23rd 2009, Chamonix, France.












    Year Award
    1999-2002 Dean’s List (Faculty of Sciences, UTM, Skudai)
    1999-2002 Kuok Foundation Scholarship ( BSc degree)
    2002-2004 National Science Fellowship (MSc degree)
    2008-2011 Fellowship of Academic Staff Training Programme (USM) and Government of Malaysia Scholarship (DPhil degree)
    2010-2011 Trinity College Graduate Scholarship (Oxford University, UK)








    Current Courses

    1. Organic Chemistry KOT122, KOT222, KOT323
    2. Organic Practical KUT206, KUT308




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