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This Learning through Chemistry@USM programme is to promote and introduce the expertise and services provided by School of Chemical Sciences; led by lecturers from various fields of chemistry. The programme also focuses on improving knowledge of chemistry learning, particularly in the use of microscale applications, the exposure on the basic science of glassmaking through the glass workshop, and introduction to herbal and plant extracts in Malaysia using basic chemical engineering. The students will be exposed to theoretical concepts, workshops and laboratories using chemical instrumentations such as HPLC, FTIR, DSC, TGA and NMR. In addition, the students will learn English to communicate and were exposed to the Malaysia culture.

On 16 - 31 August 2016, the School of Chemical Sciences in collaboration with the International Mobility and Career Center (IMCC) organised ”Learning Through Chemistry@USM" at Universiti Sains Malaysia which involved 25 international students from Nagaoka University of Technology Japan and the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Kazakhstan.

In the programme, the students are also offered Homestay where the students have the opportunity to stay at the lecturers’ home. Besides, this programme provides the opportunity for the staff in School of Chemical Sciences to interact with the international students in the "Feast of Chemistry" event, which the international students will also have chance to interact with the local students to understand the local culture.

The programme has received good feedback from the past participants and is expected to be organised on annual basis.

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School of Chemical Sciences,Universiti Sains Malaysia.