M. Sc. Mixed-Mode (Chemical Instrumentation)




Master of Science - Chemical Instrumentation

This programme offers courses on various chemical instrumentation involved in atomic spectroscopy, molecular spectroscopy, surface and thermal analysis, separation methods and environmental pollution and monitoring techniques. These courses will discuss the basic principles for the various techniques and include hands on operation of the various instrumentation involved. A course in quality systems and intellectual property is also offered. The candidate will undertake a short research project and submit a dissertation based on the project.  Prior to this, the candidate is required to register for a course in research methodology.


Courses Offered


KAA502/4 Atomic Spectroscopy
KAA503/4 Molecular Spectroscopy
KAA504/4 Electrochemical Methods
KAA505/4 Separation Methods
KAA507/4 Surface and Thermal Analysis
KAA510/2 Quality Systems and Intellectual Property
KAA511/2 Research Methodology


 Course Structure               

Coursework - 20 units

Dissertation - 20 units

Admission Requirements

Applicants should possess the following:

  1. A Bachelor of Science in Chemistry or related degree from a recognised university; AND
  2. A minimum CGPA of 2.75/4.00 or equivalent; OR
  3. A CGPA between 2.50/4.00- 2.75/4.00 and at least one year's working experience; OR

Two (2) academic publications (journal) in related area; OR

Grade B+ for Final Year Project

Language Requirement
(Results must be attached with the application form)

(Applicable for International Applicants Only)

  1. A minimum score of 550 (Paper-based) in TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language); OR
  2. A minimum score of Band 6.0 in IELTS (International English Language Testing System); OR
  3. The applicants native language is English or National language; OR
  4. Applicant graduated from institutions of higher learning which use English Language as the medium of instruction.

Upon graduation, the M.Sc Mixed Mode (Chemical Instrumentation) graduates can consider to pursue the following programmes:

  • Master program at Universite de Lorraine (UL), France.  Under this program the candidate
    • Can be considered for entry into second year of a 2-year programme.
    • Will enter semester 3 in France and carry out a project in semester 4. The project will be carried out either in USM or UL.
    • Must possess a minimum CGPA of 3.0.
    • Has given presentation at conferences or has submitted a paper for publication.
    • Will bear all costs, accommodation , food and living expenses during their studies in France.
  • Co-Tutelle program (between USM and UL). Under this programme
    • The research will be conducted in Malaysia and France.
    • Two Ph.Ds are awarded, upon completion of one defense.
    • The examination committee comprises of French and Malaysian experts.
  • Doctoral Double Degree Program
    • This is a unique program between Nagaoka University of Technology (Japan) and USM (Malaysia).
    • Candidate is awarded with two Ph.Ds.
    • The candidate is required to submit and defend 2 theses.
    • In terms of candidature, the student will spend 1 year in USM before spending 1.0-1.5. years in NUT, Japan and then in USM again.


Full-time: Min 2 semesters / Max 4 semesters Part-time: Min 2 semesters / Max 8 semesters


Malaysian Applicants :

Total  tuition fees     RM10,600.00

Other Fees:

Registration fee        RM340.00

Convocation fee       RM120.00

International Applicants:

Total tuition fees   USD4,000.00

Other Fees:

Registration fee    USD227.50

Convocation fee   USD30.00

Personal Bond     USD475.00  (reimbursable)