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Details of specific research areas for individual staff are shown in the Table below.
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Synthesis - new liquid crystal compounds, determination of their mesophase behavior and application as fire retardant

Natural products – modification on the selected scaffold and  their biological activity










The study of doped and undoped tin oxide (SnO2) in poly(hydroxyalkanoates) (PHA) nanocomposite.

Green chemistry approach for the preparation of Ag-TiO2 nanocomposites.

Development of Microscale Chemistry kits for secondary school education.










Synthesis And Modification of Selected Natural Products and Its Biological Activities

Isolation of Bioactive Compounds From Medicinal Plants

Multicomponent reactions of selected  heterocycles

 Microwave and Ionic Liquids Mediated Organic reactions










Synthesis and Modifications of Two Dimensional Inorganic Layered Materials Using Solid State Methods.

Biodegradable Controlled Release Formulations for Drug Delivery and Agriculture










Synthesis, functionalization and characterization of porous materials.

Application of porous materials as catalysts.










Bioremediation of heavy metal and organic pollutants.

Adsorption studies and bioregeneration of loaded adsorbents.










MD simulation on the effect of pH and temperature on insulin-cyclodextrin complexation

Visible light active photocatalyst and photodegradation of dyes and phenolic compounds

Adsorption of phenolic compounds and dyes using  sludge based adsorbent

Regeneration of spent adsorbents










Organic synthesis

Neutral and Ionic Liquid Crystals (ILCs) synthesis and their applications       

Liquid Crystal-Carbon nanospheres preparation and their applications










Extraction of natural plant / Synthesis of organic compounds as metals corrosion inhibitor in corrosive media.

Preparation and characterization of lignin-phenol-formaldehyde (LPF) resin as bio-based wood adhesive.

Physicochemical and conductivity studies of plasticized blend polymer electrolyte.

Design of chemically modified electrode (CME) and their application as sensor.











Design, synthesis (green approach) and characterization of selected metals NHC complexes and their applications in anticancer activities as well as catalytic olefin oxidation studies.










Perparation of new materials from mechanochemical processes.

Structure determination of organic structures using PXRD data.

Extraction, isolation, structure elucidation and biological activities of Malaysian plants.

Malaysia street foods analysis.

Microscale Chemistry exploration.








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Microporous and mesoporous inorganic materials.

New and green concepts in zeolite synthesis (microwave, ultrasound, ionic  liquid, solvent free, etc.)

Biomass energy technology (bio-fuel, bio-lubricant, pyrolysis, gasification and catalyst).

Nano-zeolites in advanced applications.










Design and synthesis of inorganic complexes.

Crystal engineering and supramolecular chemistry.










Corrosion inhibition of metals-evaluation of corrosion efficiency via electrochemical measurement and surface analysis, electroplating/electroless plating of metals and composites, food science-analysis, method development, anti-oxidant activities.










Green analytical chemistry approaches in sensors (optical, fluorescence,
electrochemical), electrogenerative processes, fluorescence spectroscopy,
electroanalytical methods and membrane based separations.










Exploration of the use of a new class of green   biocomposites comprising of (i) chitosan and natural   rubber or its derivatives, and (ii) chitosan and banana  trunk fibers for the simultaneous controlled  release of   fertilizer and pesticide.

Molecular structure elucidation of drugs, natural products and poly(cyclotriphosphazenes) by means of FT-NMR spectroscopy and other analytical techniques.










Developing of human Hypoxia Inducible Factor (HIF) hydroxylase inhibitors

Developing of Hypoxia Inducible Factor inhibitors

Natural product isolation and purification.









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Development of solid/liquid state materials for hydrogen storage.

Thermodynamic and kinetic modifications on hydrogen rich B-N compound for hydrogen storage.

Regeneration of B-N spent fuel for vehicular application.

Materials for carbon dioxide capture and utilization.










Liquid crystal chemistry: Synthesis, characterization and application.

Coordination chemistry of indium, tin and transition metal complexes.

Chemosensors for selective ions in aqueous and organic phases.










Supported metal catalysts for hydrogenation reactions.

Environmental friendly polymer composite membranes for degradation of
organic compounds.












Environmental; waste-water treatment; analytical chemistry











Self-assembled or biopolymers templated of bio-nanocomposites materials

Nanoscale production of bio-active colloids











Water treatment using agricultural wastes ; Organic synthesis.










Mesoporous and nanoparticles material synthesis catalyst

Electrochemical metal synthesis catalyst

Visible light driven photocatalyst

Photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutant.