Chairman's Message

Assoc Prof Dr Oo Chuan Wei 
For me this signifies an achievement of another milestone of which they have set since they step onto the academic ladder. They have started from the primary and even the kindergarten to secondary (including pre-university level) and now they have completed the degree study. It is undeniable fact that there are many other challenges ahead of them after this phase but I believe they can handle well and know how to find the resources to unravel the problems. There are many people including our Chemistry Alumni members as well as non-Chemistry Alumni members who are around all the time and who can teach them, challenge them and encourage them. Actually, the fresh graduates are now in the stage when they should expand their circle of associates in order to take them to reach their full potential.

Secondly, I am grateful to our school as well as our alma mater to constantly give full support to run the activities merely for the sake of strengthening the bonds either among our members or between our students and members