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Dr. Mohammad Shahadat

Senior Lecturer



Areas of Expertise


REsearch Interest

The research theme of our group is the synthesis of Polyaniline-CNT/GO-based (PANI- CNT/GO) magnetic nanomaterials for wastewater treatment. Besides the development of PANI-CNT/GO-based nanomaterials, I also worked on polyaniline (PANI)-MOF-supported flexible electrodes for the treatment of textile dyes effluents using Microbial Fuel Cells (MFC). The development of green car air fresheners gels is another interesting wing of our research team.

REsearch ToPICS

Design and development of polyaniline-based nanomaterials for water treatment

  1. Detection of emerging contaminants using PANI-MOF-based electrodes.
  2. Treatment of industrial dye wastewater using MFC.
  3. Conversion of biomass into value-added products.
  4. Development of car air fresheners gel.



  • Selected Publication


    Top 10 publications (based on highest citation):


    1. A.A. Wani, M. Shahadat*, A.M. Khan, S.W. Ali, S.Z. Ahmadd, M. K Uddine (2022) Recent Advances and Future Perspectives of Polymer-Based Magnetic Nanomaterials for Detection and Removal of Radionuclides: A review, J Mol Liq, 335, 2022, 116144. 6.633 Q1

    2. M. Shahadat*, A. Jha, S. Islam, S.W. Ali, S.Z. Ahammad, R. Adnan, M. Oves (2022) Recent advances in chitosan-polyaniline based nanocomposites for environmental applications: A review, Polymer, 124975 4.432 Q1

    3. A. Abdullah, A.Z. Abdullah, M. Ahmed, J. Khan, M. Shahadat, K. Umar (2022) A review on recent developments and progress in sustainable acrolein production through catalytic dehydration of bio-renewable glycerol, J Clean Prod, 341, 130876 11.072 Q1

    4. R. Kandpal, M. Shahadat*, SW Ali, S.Z. Ahammad (2022) Alternating current based electrochemically polymerized polyaniline modified flexible conducting paper as an exoelectrogenic biofilm platform for a microbial fuel cell, Water Proc Eng .46, 102459 7.34 Q1 )

    5. A.H. Anwer, N. Khan, M.D. Khan, M. Shahadat*, M.Z. Khan* (2021) High capacitive rGO/WO3 supported nanofibers as cathode catalyst to boost-up the CO2 sequestration via microbial electrosynthesis, J Environ Chem Eng, 106650. 7.968 Q1

    6. R. Kandpal, S. Nara1, M. Shahadat* M.O. Ansari, A. Alshahrie, S.W. Ali, S.Z. Ahammad, B.D. Malhotra* (2021) Impedance spectroscopic study of biofilm formation on pencil lead graphite anode in microbial fuel cell, J Taiw Inst Chem Eng, 120, 178-206. 5.477 Q1

    7. RR.Gadkari, A Gupta, U. Teke, A. Awadhiya, M. Shahadat, S.W. Ali, A. Das, R. Alagirusamya (2021) A sustainable way for surface functionalisation of PET nonwoven with novel chitosan-cinnamaldehyde cross-linked nanoparticles, J Indust Eng Chem, 99, 2021, 214-223. 6.760 Q1

    8. S.FAzha, M. Shahadat*, S. Ismail*, S.W. Ali, S.Z. Ahammad (2021) Prospect of Clay-based Flexible Adsorbent Coatings as Cleaner Production Technique in Wastewater Treatment, Challenges, and Issues: A Review, J Taiw Inst Chem Eng, 120, 178-206. 5.477 Q1

    9. A.A. Wani, A.M. Khan*, Y.K. Manea, M.A.S. Salem, M. Shahadat (2021) Selective Adsorption and Ultrafast Fluorescent Detection of Cr(VI) in Wastewater Using Neodymium Doped Polyaniline Supported Layered Double Hydroxide Nanocomposite, J Hazard Mater, 416, 125754. 14.224 Q1

    10. A. Wani, A. Khan*, Y.K. Manea, M. Shahadat*, Z.A. Shaikh, S.W. Ali (2020) Graphene-supported organic-inorganic layered double hydroxides and their environmental applications: A review, J Clean Prod, 273, 122980. 11.072 Q1
  • Awards


    1. Sanggar Sanjung Award


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