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Microsci-Lab is an efficient way of carrying out science experiments in schools of the 21st-century. The main objective of this approach is to cultivate students’ individual laboratory skills and to raise the students’ interests in sciences through the use of miniature apparatus. The fact is that, students are lacking of hands-on skills due to insufficient equipment in school laboratories and time constraint during lesson. The Microsci-Lab is mobile, easy to handle and can be done anywhere, e.g. outside of science laboratory. Conducting experiments through the Microsci-Lab kit, students are encouraged to repeat the experiments as many times as possible, in order to make themselves more and more skilful. The current Microsci-Lab kit is developed in USM, using most of the market readily available materials. Schools, teachers, students and any users are encouraged to improvise the kit, in order to make the Microsci-Lab kit more user friendly and easier to use. 

Microsci Lab

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